The Psalm-Singer’s Amusement (1781)

William Billings


The introduction reads:


As this Book is not for Learners, I thought it not essential to write an Introduction; but would refer the young Beginner, to my former Publication, entitled “The Singing-Masters Assistant;” which I have lately reprinted.

NB. This Work is Part of the Book of Anthems, which I have so long promised; my Reasons for not publishing the whole in one Volumn, must be obvious to all who consider the present extravagant price of Copper-Plate & Paper;—the Copper-Plate in special is so scarce, that I don’t think it possible, to procure enough to contain the Whole, at any Price; besides if I was able to publish the Whole, but a few would become Purchasers, & I believe, that the most will be of my Opinion, when I inform them, the Book could not be afforded for less than Ten Dollars. However, I hope that notwithstanding the present Difficulties, I shall shortly be able to publish the Remainder at a much lower Price.